The Slipper Sisters

slippersistersDomestic discipline at its best!

Aunties know best!  If you bear that in mind, you won’t go far wrong. For those that remember the ‘good old days’ and for those that weren’t even born then, the outcome will still be the same.

All naughty boys and girls need the firm but fair approach of Aunties S and N.

Punishments given by the slipper sisters are never inflicted in anger, they are purely for your own good, to teach you the error of your ways.

All misdemeanours are dealt with in a caring and structured manner. For instance, one Aunt may hold your hands in a comforting way while the other makes herself felt on your upturned bare bottom.

Regardless of your age, be sure that once they have dealt with you, you will think twice about committing the same offence again, as a return visit may not be dealt with as leniently as your first.

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