kidnapMaybe you are a lone traveller whose car has broken down. Or someone who has lost his/her way, led astray by your satnav. When two ladies stop for you, you think they want to help. You realise too late how wrong you were when they pull a hood over your head and restrain you deftly with handcuffs before bundling you into the back of their car……to await your fate. You soon begin to realise that because of the rural location there will be no one to help or rescue you and your pleadings will go unheeded so you need to resign yourself to the fact that they are in complete control and can do with you what they will. If being chained helpless and alone is your thing, or perhaps you have fantasised about being held in isolation by two dominant females, then you wont be disappointed.

An innocent call out to fix their washing machine……can turn into a less than innocent encounter with the Deviant Duo. Unbeknownst to you, because of your previous shoddy work for a friend of theirs, you will now have to atone by being their captive and plaything, until they¬† are ready to release you.

Please note that Kidnap scenarios are not available for the 1 hr sessions.

Duration of 2hrs is for you coming to us, ie to fix the washing machine.

3 hr sessions only will include the abduction if this is your preference.

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